Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Sun puzzle solved ?

Extraordinary display of a flattering picture of Simon Cowell - "TV mogul" on The Sun Front page (extrordinarily displayed in Morrisons supermarket) was followed locally with a Domino's Pizza (next to to Launderette in Gosport, near War Memorial Hospital) brochure offering MEXICAN SIZZLER - the Official Pizza of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT (Simon Cowell- the judge).

From The Sun of 5 May 2010: an article about Jonathan Martin, 14 - a cadet who died last Sunday; INEC 2010 Naval Conference to open in Portsmouth on 11 May; Guns - gold-plated and covered in gems and diamonds seized by Mexican Police from mobsters led by Oscar Nava Valencia - the right-hand man of drug baron Joaquin Guzman.
See four scans above.
Nigerian president Yar'Adua died in Saudi Arabia.
WW2 liberation Day parade held in Amsterdam on May 4 was spectacularly disrupted by a man 'who looked like an orthodox jew' followed by mass panic and stampede. He screamed during the two minutes silence. The man was known to the police.
Last year the minute of silence with ww2 veterans in attendance here in Stubbington was disrupted by young men revving their motocycles engines. The local veteran said the police were there and did nothing. The youths were locals.
Today an overwhelming call from the main British papers (like the Sun of yesterday) to vote Conservative. Whatever all this means ... .

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